As a child Lucy grew up in the Lake District. She moved to Birmingham in 1985 to study Fine Art. Here she created construction sculptures incorporating bone and feather with wax and wood.  These figurative sculptures were powerful and unnerving (similar to the sculptures of Damien Hurst who was also a student at the time). In 1989 Lucy sold several sculptures to Warner Brothers Studios for the set of the first Batman Movie.

In 2002, she graduated from the University of Central England with a Masters in Surface Design.  This led to a renewed confidence, maturity and development of her artistic skills.  During her studies she developed a distinctive style of drawing with intricate and labyrinth detail.  Inspired by these drawings, she began to work in 3D again and developed techniques for her current sculptures.

Lucy carves sculptures using ‘plaster of Paris’. This is a time consuming technique, creating a smooth and sensual finish.  Her subject matter includes birds, animals and primitive looking figures.  She has a distinctive semi-abstract style reminiscent of artworks from Africa, an influence on her work having spent two years as a child in Botswana, where her father worked as a doctor. Lucy is now achieving commercial success selling sculptures in a number of galleries.

Her original ‘plaster of Paris’ sculptures are cast in bronze at a foundry using the lost wax technique.  A mould is made using the original sculpture and from this a limited number of wax replicas are made. Each wax is individually finished creating a unique sculpture.  The original sculpture and mould are destroyed preventing any further editions from being made.